• Open Source GIS
  • PostGreSQL, PostGIS
  • HQIS, gdal, ogr2ogr
  • GeoServer, MapServer
  • OpenLayers, Leaflet
  • OpenStreetMap


arx iT is active in the fields of GIS consulting and integration of geoinformatics solutions, and as such has recognized skills on Open-Source GIS technologies:

  • Consulting and analysis for the implementation of GIS infrastructures based on Open Source technologies.
  • PostGIS spatial database modeling
  • Development of office GIS applications around QGIS
  • Development of web GIS applications with map server (GeoServer, MapServer, QGIS Server…)
  • Arx iT also participates in many events and conferences related to Open Source such as FOSS4G-fr.


  • Consumer observatory of fixed networks for ARCEP based on a PostGIS-GeoServer-Leaflet solution
  • European Be-Circle project, in partnership with ENGIE: implementation of a GIS platform (QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer) to promote the circular economy on industrial sites.
  • Automatic geodata extractor for Asit-VD and integration to the free EasySDI platform
  • Development of QGIS plugins for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • QGIS trainings for the Negawatt Institute
  • Integration of data from architectural plans in OpenStreetMap for SNCF-Transilien