Mots clés

  • Oracle spatial et Locator
  • ESRI ArcSde integration and Oracle Spatial
  • Spatial component 10g and 11g
  • MapViewer


Historically, arx iT has followed the evolution of Oracle component since the SDO version (Oracle 7.0), through the version 8 until Locator and Oracle Spatial, two Oracle solutions.

arx iT offers services around Oracle Spatial and especially :

  • Oracle and Oracle Spatial development
  • ESRI ArcSDE integration / Oracle Spatial
  • Installation, configuration and Oracle Spatial Tuning
  • Web services WMS and WFS
  • Training


  • Ile De France region (AEV) : feasibility study for Oracle Spatial to PostGIS migration
  • Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes : customized training for Oracle Spatial
  • Services Industriels de Genève : specific expertise and customized training
  • Canton of Valais : study on the implementation of Oracle Spatial with ESRI products