• GIS development
  • Collaborative GIS plateform
  • ESRI / Geoportal Server

Description / Services

arx iT team have a willingness of research and development at European level. Indeed, innovation is the most important of our priority. The EnviroGRIDS project enrolls in this approach because it proposes a solution that facilitates the study of ecosystem, with the utilisation of environmental data from Black Sea in order to develop interactives maps and databases.

The principle : collect of chemical, atmospheric, microbiological and zoological data are frequently performed on the Danube delta. In Geneva, Switzerland, the  environmental data from the basin of the Black Sea, including the Danube Delta data, are used to develop interactives maps and databases. A huge matrix is used to collect, share and run a lot of simultaneously simulations and give a significant saving time for researchers.

arx iT team offers its expertise on the following aspects of the project:

  • Implementation of GIS ESRI platform in order that all partners can share their spatial data
  • Implementation of a metadata portal (Geoportal Server)
  • Geoprocessing data
  • GIS expertise

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