• GIS Development / Mobile GIS / Smartphone / Android
  • Indoor positionning
  • Collaborative platform
  • Geographical Information Systems

Description / Services

arx iT team have a willingness of research and development at European level. Indeed, innovation is the most important of our priority. The Virgilius project enrolls in this approach because it proposes an innovative solution that combines an external/internal positioning and navigation system and a set of services to enhance the independence and security of dependent persons, including senior.

The principle : a smartphone with a GPS system which allows to plan an itinerary with criteria (without stairs, …) ; detects abnormal behavior, analyzing the health of the holder, according to the time elapsed between his travel and his position in space. For example, the application can alarm that the persons is turning around in city and realizes that he have lost his way. Immediate sensors danger are also integrated in the device. They can differentiate a benign behavior or an real emergency. In case of fall for example, the analysis focuses on the movements of the accident (Is the holder lift up?). If a certain level of severity is reached, the system gives an alarm signal to family or hospital.

arx iT team offers its expertise on the following aspects of the project:

  • Industrialization of the prototype on Smartphone
  • Development of innovative services for marketing
  • GIS expertise

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