Quality : ISO 9001 certified for more than 10 years

Quality management has always been a priority at arx iT. The obtaining of the ISO 9001 certification is the achievement of our willingness. Each year, the quality management is :

  • 200 days spent on quality controls of projects delivered to our clients
  • 50 defects detected in average
  • 25 corrections delivered
  • 3 arx iT offices, all ISO 9001 certified
  • 4 internal audits
  • 1 external audit

Quality management has to be simple, practical and adapted to our projects and clients.

What does ISO 9001 means for arx iT?

Working with a ISO 9001 quality system, means we have to :

  • Describe what we do
  • Do what we describe
  • Prove that we did it

This last point is essential in our quality management system. Indeed, the main concern of the quality manager is to ensure that the different tasks are handled according to the norm.

What are the stakes for our partners?

Whatever the delivered project and the involved technology, our quality system ensures precision and consistency in project completion. The management of non-conformances and corrective actions are mechanisms that ensures a frequently questioning about our process and a contribution to the quality’s improvement.

What are the ressources and tools used?

Internal tools have been developped to manage our quality system, especially :

  • A dedicated database, allowing a monitoring of the quality and continual improvement (defects tracking, preventives actions and corrections)
  • Knowledge management system, helping knowledge share.
  • Collaborative tools, promoting group work